On giving thanks

In the longest grocery line known to humankind. Observations on day-before the day-before Thanksgiving:

– Christmas carols on tinny speakers.
– The renovations at Food Bazaar are coming along nicely.
– The hunt for pumpkin pie mix. I don’t yet have the recipe, so am praying that I have everything I need at home already.
– A woman places a take-out order in the queue. “No tomato!”
– Everyone’s trolleys have such different treats in them!
– But two young women bonded over finding cranberry sauce at the same time.
– Two guys in front of me argue about how Yoda really speaks.
– Wishing I spoke better Spanish to ask attendants for help.
– Finding glazed donuts and adding them despite not reeeeally needing them.
– Looking forward to baking again.
– Listening to queuing customers compare menus and recipes.
– The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. #datxylophone
– The ranges – racial, socio-economic, linguistic – of Brooklyn residents.
– The check-out gal’s name is Jackye!

Also, a list of things for which I am thankful:

Letters from afar.
Finding pumpkin pie mix after a store-wide hunt.
Friends who will meet you for vegetarian dinner after you’ve had a kak afternoon.
This city.
My spot in NYU.
Fall light and orange leaves.
Warm coats and scarves and layering when it’s cold outside.
Heating for when I step out of the shower.
Remembering to take my keys.
The internet.
A trolley of food I can enjoy.
Trains that arrive right on time.


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